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Preço 1000 Coinxinhas

Em Construção


Em Construção

Fornecimento Total

211.000.000 Coinxinhas2.0

The most incredible DeFi experienced in Brazil!


Euan Marshall

"One thing unites all the inhabitants and visitors of Brazil, a common point among the human race as a whole. The love for the most emblematic snack in Brazil: Coxinha."

📙 Informations

Total Supply 211MM

Fixed and predictable offer of 211 million Coinxinhas. Not one more, not one less.

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Nobody has super powers with Coinxinha. Neither the creators nor the holders.

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Simple and Functional

Agnostic to grow according to the demands of the Brazilian financial sector.

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Maximum limit per transaction

Maximum limit of 1 Million per transaction against abnormal transactions.

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Active community

Cool part of investing and teaming up with funny and positive people.

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Made to be exchangeable for BNB or any token within BSC.

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🇧🇷 CoxinhaFinance Purpose

- We have the mission of helping each Brazilian to support decent food, making an impact for the most needy and in emergency situations. Assistance to charities in the treatment of homeless people.

- To replace the Brazilian state-owned banks and financial oligopolies, in particular the astounding public services. Offering a fair decentralized system of voluntary exchanges without intermediaries.
- To become a meme, pure and simple. HODL. Although,
A financial system:

  • Fair
  • Clear
  • Transparent
  • Auditable

🌎 Coinxinha Community

Everything we stir is shaped like a coxinha, it is true.


Latest Updates

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Coxinha Contract - Our Token Vision

Coxinha Contract - Our Token Vision

Coinxinha will be a transparent, pricing, predictable, timeless and powerful asset.

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